Chapman Residence

A beautiful new exterior for a home can transform the look and feel of the entire property, creating an inviting and visually stunning living space. Here is a description of a possible beautiful new exterior for a home:

The home's new exterior features a warm and welcoming color scheme that blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape. The main color of the exterior is a soft, earthy tone that complements the natural beauty of the area. Accented with subtle darker shades, the overall effect is a cohesive, visually appealing look that makes the home stand out.

Materials Used

Stucco in a sandy blonde with stonework accents of sandstone slabs

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"Rojas did stucco, and stone on our Bellevue Lake Sammamish House on 2016. Rojas was absolutely lovely to work with. They did excellent job on our new house! Their price was reasonable and their work top notch. We couldn’t be more pleased with their work.”

-Yan Strong

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