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Building ownership in the beautiful Northwest comes with a specific set of challenges, due to our wet climate. In our experienced opinion water damage is the leading factor in building deterioration in the Seattle area. This is why we have launched Exterior Envelope Experts, an inspection service that will determine the root cause of your water damage and recommend the best methods to remediate.

Why An Inspection?

Solve The Root Cause of
Water Damage

Inspections are an important step before requesting quotes because water damage is not as simple as it appears. With our combination of visual inspection and moisture probing we can determine where your leak or leaks are, ensuring that the job is done correctly the first time. Moisture probes also help to determine the extent of damage before starting a project, ensuring more accurate estimates and fewer change orders during your project. Finally, our easy-to-understand report will recommend the best method of remediation so that when you go get three quotes you can compare apples to apples not apples to band aids.

Why Choose Rojas?

A Contractor You Can Trust.

Rojas Exteriors is a Family owned and operated business that understands the significance of building ownership and puts care an attention into every project as if it were our own. With almost 20 years of experience completing restoration projects in the PNW we strongly believe we are the best option.

How we Help

Water Inspection Process

1. Schedule

Call us anytime for a free phone consultation to determine if our services are required and schedule an appointment. Photos will promote clear communication and can be sent to EEE@rojasexteriors.com.

2. Inspection & Report

We will complete our onsite inspection, provide a detailed report containing all discovered issues, and provide the most effective methods for remediation.

3. Complete the Job

Our parent company Rojas Exteriors can provide a free cost estimate! If another company is selected to preform the work an Exterior Envelope Experts representative can visit the jobsite as an owner consultant. Hourly rates will apply.

Do You Need Exterior Envelope Experts?

Common issues indicating water intrusion.

Pealing or Bubbling Paint

Deterioration of Cladding

Moisture at Window Interiors

Mold & Mildew

Missing or Failed Flashings

Missing or Failed Sealant

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