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Stucco is a decorative coating favored by architects for its stylish appearance and low maintenance. The flexible nature of stucco siding also allows for easy application to highly-detailed architectural features like arches and window bands.

Why Choose Stucco

Beautiful &

There’s a reason stucco homes have been around for centuries. Transforming your home beautifully, stucco is durable, pest and fire resistant, as well as extremely energy efficient.

Stucco Systems

Rojas Exteriors has experience applying both traditional and synthetic stucco siding products. Learn more about how stucco can better protect your structure.


Our traditional stucco siding products consist of Portland cement, sand, and lime. It’s applied in three coats (two coats of cement and a texturized acrylic finish) for best results.


We also apply synthetic Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) products, which consist of foam insulation reinforced with mesh and a base stucco coat.

Our Stucco Suppliers

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The Rojas Exteriors team is confident in the services we provide and in finding the best exteriors solution for you.

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Rojas Exteriors offers the best quality services because we treat every project as our own. Learn more about our experience installing siding on commercial and public works structures and see if we can provide you with a better exterior application.


Rojas Exteriors teams up with local and enterprise stone suppliers, ensuring a versatile selection of styles, colors, and sizes for your residential or commercial stone siding projects.

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Siding comes in a huge array of material and finishes. From vinyl to engineered wood, there’s never been more variety in material and price options to choose from.

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