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Stone siding is ideal for adding a natural and tasteful feel to your building’s exterior. Rojas Exteriors teams up with local and enterprise stone suppliers, ensuring a versatile selection of styles, colors, and sizes for your residential or commercial stone siding projects.

Why Choose Stonework

Natural &

Stonework is one of the most common ways to add elegance to any design. With hundreds of natural and veneer choices, you can match stonework to a both a natural or modern aesthetic.

Stone Systems

In addition to adding style to your structure, the toughness of stone siding products means it can last in all-weather conditions. Stone is also eco-friendly, and can be applied to interior and exterior structures.


Stone veneer mixtures combine Portland cement and aggregates with added pigments for a real stone look. We offer a wide selection of stone veneer styles and colors to fit your project needs.


Stone quarried from the earth for exterior siding applications provides durable protection and a natural look. Common natural stone types include limestone, ledgestone, granite, and more.

Faux Stone Panels

Faux stone panels are sheets designed to imitate the appearance of natural stone, typically made from materials such as polyurethane foam or high-density polyurethane. These panels offer the look of natural stone at a lower cost and with easier installation.

Our Stone Suppliers

Mutual Materials
Evergreen Building Products
Cultured Stone by Boral
Bonterra Homes

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